Located at: 5141 W. Lamar Glendale, AZ 85301
Main Phone - (623) 344-6700
Dental Phone - (623) 344-6789

Welcome to our Family Care Center 

We provide great care for the entire family. 

About the Glendale Family Health Center

Welcome to the Glendale Family Health Center. Each Family Health Center is designed to provide comprehensive medical care for the entire family in one location. Our services include adult and pediatric primary care, dental care, pharmacy services and radiology. We offer the services of an eligibility specialist for our patients who are not currently insured with a sponsored health insurance plan. 

Financial Planning

If you have concerns about how to pay for your health care, there are several options available for patients who qualify. Financial services are available to help you better plan for future health care needs. An Eligibility Specialist is available throughout the week to answer questions about insurance. To schedule an appointment to discuss insurance and other payment options, call (480) 344-6103

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5141 W. Lamar
Glendale, AZ 85301

Main Tel: (623) 344-6700
Dental Tel: (623) 344-6709

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